Who are we?

We are quite simply students, like you. The only exception is that we have completed our GCSE’s and A-levels and are now all studying various degree disciplines at universities across the country from uni’s in central London (UCL, LSE, Imperial) to Oxford & Cambridge to the far north in Durham and Edinburgh. 


What makes our service unique?

We recognise that one of the most helpful educational tools is peer tuition. This was used extensively in our previous secondary schools and sixth forms and we thought, why not make this peer tuition available to everyone, everywhere, at any time. And thus was created the student solutions. We have also recently introduced a new service that allows prospective university applicants to inquire about a particular degree they may be interested in before the crucial UCAS applications need to be made. We feel that having one student explain a concept to another is far more effective than going through pages of text and paragraphs on the Internet. Note this is not a forum, but a tightly regulated one-to-one ‘teaching’ ensuring you only get the best responses from students who have already achieved the grade in that subject. (See below)


How do we ensure you get the best service possible?

All The Student Solutions volunteer students have completed their GCSE’s and A level’s to A or A* grade (or equivalent). Therefore, you can be rest assured you are getting an answer from people who know what they are talking about! In fact, most often we have students studying maths at university answering the math questions, biology degree students answering the biology questions, French students answering french questions etc. etc. What’s more, our students can also answer questions regarding their degrees such as Law, Medicine and Physics.